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Cinnamon CBD Oil

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Citrus CBD Oil

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Cool Mint CBD Oil

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CBD Muscle Rub

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Calm CBD Roll-On

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Young Living Member Pricing

ItemYoung Living Member Price / PVRetail Price
Calm CBD Roll-on 300 mg
Calm CBD Roll-on 600 mg
CBD Muscle Rub 300 mg$79.95$89.95
CBD Muscle Rub 600 mg$119.95$134.95
Cinnamon CBD Oil 500 mg$89.95$99.95
Cinnamon CBD Oil 1000 mg$169.95$189.95
Citrus CBD Oil 500 mg$89.95$99.95
Citrus CBD Oil 1000 mg$169.95$189.95
Cool Mint CBD Oil 500 mg$89.95$99.95
Cool Mint CBD Oil 1000 mg$169.95$189.95
Unflavored CBD Oil for Pet 200 mg$39.95$44.95
Unflavored CBD Oil for Pet 400 mg$79.95$89.95

Third Party Lab Results

Purity & Potency

No Pesticides

No Heavy Metals

No Solvents

All of our products are tested in multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process for potency and purity. This includes testing for THC

Our CBD is derived from hemp plants grown on our farm in Colorado without the use of any pesticides.

All of our products have been subjected to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that it contains the optimal amount of CBD and is free of heavy metals.

Harsh chemicals are never used in our manufacturing process thanks to our proprietary CO2 extraction methods.