What Makes Nature’s Ultra Smart Spectrum the Best

We don’t mean to brag. Okay, maybe we do a little, but that’s only because we’re just so excited to present exceptional CBD products to our customers and eager to share what makes Nature’s Ultra Smart Spectrum the best.

Determined to deliver more to our clients, we created Nature's Ultra exclusive Smart Spectrum CBD products, which are infused with Young Living Essential Oils. The benefits of this quality CBD are myriad and we are delighted to feature our Seed to Seal certification, representative of our commitment to quality and transparency for our customers.

Read on to learn about how quality CBD is enhanced by the benefits of essential oils in a synergistic relationship designed to provide exceptional benefits in a single package. As with all quality products, the proof is in our ingredients, and we will call specific attention to the essential oils provided by Young Living.

See why shopping the Nature’s Ultra Smart Spectrum is the smart move to make

What is Smart Spectrum?

To start, we use our very own high-quality CBD isolate, cultivated on our partner farm, which depends on organic, sustainable and pesticide-free farming practices to create our Smart Spectrum CBD.

What is CBD isolate?

As the name suggests, CBD isolate is isolated from other compounds of the cannabis plant, including essential oils, terpenes, and THC -- the psychoactive compound associated with feelings of intoxication. In other words, using our CBD products will not result in feeling “high.”

Relying on a proprietary extraction method, we are able to access the CBD from high-quality hemp, while avoiding the use of chemicals in the process. Ultimately, we end up with a pure and potent CBD isolate. 

Now, why would we take our premium product and compromise it with an essential oil that wasn’t created by similar, rigorous processes? We wouldn’t and that’s why our newly established partnership is so exciting. 

In fact, in order to match our commitment to quality (and customer satisfaction), we source our essential oils from Young Living -- the world leader in essential oils, backed by their incomparable Seed to Seal commitment to quality.

Represented by three pillars—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—Seed to Seal is Young Living’s commitment to unmatched quality. In order to enhance our products with Young Living’s essential oils, our CBD products are required to meet this same Seed to Seal quality commitment.

And our quality assurance doesn’t stop there.

Stamped with Seed to Seal certification, our products are then third-party tested to guarantee purity, potency, and 0.0% THC levels. We invite our customers to review the lab results for each batch on our product verification page.

An industry exclusive, our formula is simple:

Nature’s Ultra CBD + Young Living Essential Oils = Smart Spectrum

The best CBD product on the market, raising the bar for the industry and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Young Living Essential Oils

To appreciate the synergy between Nature’s Ultra CBD and Young Living Essential Oils, you need to understand the role of terpenes, a class of hydrocarbons that occur naturally in plants and essential oils. It sounds a bit more complicated than it really is.

To break it down clearly and quickly, just remember essential oils are distilled from trees and plants. The unique smells associated with them are attributed to terpenes. It helps to envision terpenes as building blocks of essential oils.

Actually, you’re already well-acquainted with terpenes because terpenes are everywhere and common to so many items we use on a daily basis.

While you may not realize it, you actually encounter terpenes every day. Let’s say you squeeze a lemon slice into a glass of water. That aroma is the result of a terpene called limonene. In fact, if a plant has a distinct smell or taste, terpenes are probably the reason behind it!

How cool is that?

Watch -- as you go about your daily routine, you’re likely going to notice terpenes like you never have before, from squeezing fresh oranges for juice, to catching a whiff of basil or rosemary, terpenes are like forces of natural fragrance.

Benefits of Essential Oils

In addition to terpenes, you’re also probably already familiar with the benefits of essential oils, even if you can’t necessarily articulate what they are. But, we can all identify with effects of smelling a particular fragrance, whether it conjures up cherished memories, packs an energizing punch, or inspires you to breathe that much deeper… and calmer (looking at you, lavender!).

Popular essential oils include lavender, peppermint, and lemon, which feature in our Smart Spectrum products. Lavender, for instance, has a calming aroma, while peppermint can cool fatigued muscles after physical activity. Lemon has a clean, energizing, and invigorating aroma. These are the terpenes at work!

But, why combine essential oils with CBD?

Basically, because the two are a match made in health and wellness heaven. Their chemistry can’t be beat.

The terpenes found in the essential oils are energizing, soothing, and supportive.

As the terpenes are doing their thing, CBD is busy communicating with your Endocannabinoid System, which supports homeostasis or balance in your body. This system is working behind-the-scenes, 24/7 to maintain balance and stability in your body.

By enhancing Nature’s Ultra CBD with Young Living Essential Oils, Smart Spectrum products provide critical backup to your Endocannabinoid system and support for your overall well-being.

Access the Advantages of Nature’s Ultra Smart Spectrum

Whether you already incorporate CBD products into your daily life or are considering starting as part of a new daily routine, treat yourself to the best the market has to offer by  . Access the two-fold benefit provided by the terpenes found in Young Living’s essential oils as they work in tandem with Nature’s Ultra CBD.

Your confidence in our products and service is of utmost importance to us. We’re happy to assist you in securing the best quality CBD products on today’s market

Please contact us any time with questions or requests for recommendations. We’re always eager to share our expertise.


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