Reusing Your Nature’s Ultra Containers

Your Nature’s Ultra containers are made out of high-quality glass. That means that not only will your favorite CBD products be safe from toxins and contaminants, it also means that they’re reusable! We’ve got a few fun CBD DIY’s for you to try, as well as some tips and tricks on how to clean your bottles out properly! Stay tuned for ways to reuse your Nature’s Ultra containers. 


When it comes to living sustainably, recycling is so important! Recycling allows you to reuse certain materials that may be limited in nature, in order to protect the planet’s supply of them. For example, recycling your cardboard boxes can help create new boxes, or even something like a pencil! There’s a possibility for everything you use to be repurposed, whether by you or an eco-friendly company. 

Recycling can also help you save money! Have you ever thrown out a box one week, only to need one the next? Chances are that you had to either go to the store or post office to buy a new one. Had you kept the one from the week previous, that wouldn’t have been necessary. Reusing and recycling can not only help you give new life to something that may no longer be needed, it can help save you from making unnecessary purchases, too. 

Recycling can also help you get more creative! There are a lot of DIY projects on the internet that can help teach you how to use things you have around your house for fun, new things. Cardboard can become an art project, plastic can become stained glass window decorations, you name it. Do some searching and see what fun, new thing you can find! 

Cleaning Out Your Containers  

Because our products are made of oil, they generally tend to be water-resistant. This can make it a little tricky to clean them out. But, it’s not impossible! Here are some tips and tricks to cleaning out your Nature’s Ultra containers for your CBD DIY.  

To start, you’ll want to get the labels off of your CBD containers. Oftentimes, you can peel them right off. For the more stubborn labels, a soak in water and a little bit of elbow grease should do the trick! If you’re still having a hard time peeling it off, soak them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. This should loosen the glue enough to let it slide off the rest of the way. If there is still some sticky residue, an easy-to-make scrub of baking soda and your favorite essential oils should get it off.  

To get out any remaining product inside of the bottle, small scrub brushes work great! These can be found in the baby section or cleaning section of the grocery store. They are small enough to work out any product from inside of the bottles. To start, fill a basin with hot, soapy water. The hot water will help loosen the oils, while the soap will help get the oil off of the container. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes, then start scrubbing. If you’re cleaning out a container that has a dropper, make sure to pump it through the water a few times. That way you ensure that any residue has gotten out. If you’re cleaning a roller, fill the roller with the water then screw the top back on. Roll it on a towel a few times to give the roller head a chance to clean itself. 

If you’d like to more thoroughly disinfect it, you can wash the bottles in the dishwasher by themselves, or boil them for about 10 minutes. That way you know for sure that everything is cleaned and good to go! If you are planning on reusing the bottles for skincare or something similar, make sure to disinfect it right before putting the new product into the bottle. That way you don’t risk contaminating something that is going to go on your skin! 

Fun Ideas 

While we recommend you get creative and try to figure out a few of your own CBD DIY’s, we’ve got some of our favorites to help you get started! One thing to keep in mind while creating, is that our bottles are made of glass. Because of this, you might want to be mindful about where you’re placing these DIY’s around your house! Even though our glass is durable, you don’t want it to shatter somewhere your kids might have access. With that being said, let’s jump into some fun ideas on how to use your Nature’s Ultra CBD containers! 


If you want your own, custom scents that will help you stand out from commercial perfumes, try your hand at making your own! The great thing about this DIY, is that you can use two different containers that Nature’s Ultra has. For a solid perfume, use the container for our CBD Muscle Rub. Using a combination of beeswax, carrier oil (such as sweet almond oil), and your favorite essential oils, you can make a perfume that will solidify into a bar. It can then be rubbed on your wrists, behind your ears, and at the base of your neck to keep you smelling great all day long! 

If you want a liquid version of this perfume, omit the beeswax and put the mixture into the empty container we use for our Calm CBD Roll-On. You can even add one of your favorite CBD oil mixtures to add the benefits of CBD to your everyday perfume! 

Flower Vase 

If you want a chic, new way to hold your flowers, try bunching a group of CBD oil bottles together! Clean out your Citrus CBD Oil bottles and find another use for the dropper. Then, using twine or ribbon, bunch them together and tie them securely. Then you can make a fun, creative bouquet! Try using small flowers such as baby’s breath, lavender, or daisies. Add a few statement flowers, then boom! You have a cute, unique bouquet that is good for the environment. 

If your kids have the tendency to bring you dandelions from the front yard, keeping a bottle or two on your desk is a great way to store the sentiment. You can also add a small air plant or bunch of flowers to brighten up the area.  

Essential Oil Diffuser  

If you want a convenient way to diffuse your favorite Young Living Essential Oils, try making a mini reed diffuser! Fill your cleaned CBD oil bottle with a lightly-scented carrier oil, then add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Put in a few reeds or bamboo skewers to diffuse the scent around the room! Make sure to place it in an area that it won’t be at risk of spilling. 

If you want to carry your blend around with you, screw on the dropper and use it anytime! Rub it on your wrist for a middle of the day pick-me-up, or on your temples when you’re experiencing a bit of extra tension. Do some research on your favorite blends to see what would help you the most! 


For more ways to help the earth, stay tuned to our blog. For more information on Nature’s Ultra, click here. We can’t wait to see everything you create with your CBD containers!