Nature’s Ultra is Sales Tax Compliant

At Nature’s Ultra we really want to hit home on the importance of quality - not just in the products we offer, but the business we run. We want to be as compliant as possible at the federal and state level to ensure we are following best business practices and to provide you with the best CBD oils for years to come.

Every decision we make is to provide the best service, experience, and products for consumers and we will never settle for anything short of excellence. 

Sales Tax and Pricing

In order to maintain that level of quality, certain standards have to be met. Not only do we have to verify that our product is top tier, but that we are following proper legal and compliant guidelines. This includes applying sales tax.

Part of being compliant means that we have to register as a vendor in each state. This means individuals that order from these states have to pay the applicable sales tax. As a result, there may be a slight price increase as well as product availability depending on where you live.

Why Sales Tax

By law, sales tax needs to be applied on retail purchases. Sales Tax is used to pay for state and local budget items like schools, roads and fire departments. Sales tax is a consumption tax, and is generally charged on the sale of products from retailers to individual consumers.

Nature’s Ultra Quality

A big difference between us and competitors is we aren’t willing to compromise the integrity of our products or our business. This change reflects that and we are committed to providing the very best at every level.