Nature’s Ultra Concierge 

At Nature’s Ultra, quality is very important to us. Whether it be in the products we sell or the services we offer, we want to provide consumers with the best experience possible. That’s just one reason why our customer support team is called Concierge—to reflect the commitment we have to each individual’s unique needs. 

Recently Nature’s Ultra was acquired by Young Living and attended their annual international convention. As a result, we saw an influx in consumer engagement. So much so that our Concierge staff and fulfillment centers were a little overwhelmed. While we are excited for the new growth and opportunity to help Young Living members with their CBD needs, we realized there were opportunities to improve the process. 

One opportunity is to clarify how to contact Concierge and how they can help! Here is a brief rundown. 

How to contact Concierge

You can either call or email. The phone number and email are:

Phone: 801-296-9277


While both get you in touch with our Concierge service, they each operate differently. 

Concierge Phone Service

When you call Concierge you will be connected to one of our product experts. They will be able to answer your questions about the product and about the company. They can even take comments and feedback. However, when you call you will not be able to place or cancel an order, return an order/products, or request a replacement. That service is reserved for email. 

Concierge Email Service

Emailing allows you to cancel an order, return products, request a replacement, as well as ask questions and provide feedback.

To put simply:

Calling Concierge

  • Ask Questions
  • Leave Feedback

Emailing Concierge

  • Ask Questions
  • Leave Feedback
  • Cancel an Order
  • Return Products
  • Request Replacement


As part of our effort to constantly improve, we include a request for feedback at the bottom of every message we send. This is vital to maximizing our effectiveness in serving you better. We can’t fix something if we don’t know there’s a problem, so we depend on consumers for their input.

Here’s what what you would see.

Concierge response rating

You can select the effectiveness of your service and provide feedback so we can take steps to optimize what we do, improving your overall experience. 

Nature’s Ultra’s Customer Commitment 

We want to assure our consumers that we are here to help and while we currently have a small staff, that won’t stop us from assisting each individual until they are satisfied. As we grow, our ability to help consumers will also grow providing more options in the future. 


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