Natural Comfort - Using Nature’s Ultra and Young Living Products During Times of Trouble

When things get tough, it’s normal to want a little something extra to provide some comfort. That can look like a hug from a loved one, your favorite movie, or a favorite meal. In addition to these classics, there are a lot of natural ways to find a bit of extra peace! Nature’s Ultra and Young Living are both proud to not only provide products that can help bring you comfort, but are natural, too! Today we’re going to talk about natural comfort and our favorite product pairings that will do the job. 

Why Natural Comfort? 

While most forms of comfort, like the ones we listed above, are good and healthy, not all can be. If you find yourself always reaching for food or alcohol when distressed, that may be a sign that you may struggle to comfort yourself in a healthy way. Don’t get us wrong, everyone enjoys the occasional scoop of ice cream! But depending on unhealthy coping mechanisms can cause more problems in the long run. 

There are lots of ways to seek comfort in natural and healthy ways! Here are some of our favorite product combos that can do wonders for your peace of mind. 

Minty Night In 

Practicing self care is a great way to relax and bring yourself comfort. By setting aside a few hours or a whole day to focus on yourself, you can rest your mind and body. It can also make the rest of your week easier by resetting your stress levels! Here is one of our favorite ways to practice self care. 

Mint is a scent known to invigorate, relax, and cleanse. So why not make it a big part of your pamper routine? Start with Nature's Ultra Cool Mint CBD Oil! It combines peppermint and spearmint essential oils with high-quality CBD oil to promote relaxation and invigoration. Rub it into the soles of your feet to refresh and soothe them. Then, follow your foot massage with a luxurious face scrub like Young Living’s Mint Satin Facial Scrub! It combines apricot seed powder with peppermint oil to remove dead skin, brighten your complexion, and leave a tingly sensation. 

Mint is mood-lifting, invigorating, and relaxing. With this powerful product combo, you’ll be feeling the benefits of mint and CBD from your head to your toes! 

Muscle Soothers 

If you find that you’re experiencing more bodily discomfort than normal, here’s a great way to loosen up your muscles and ease your mind. Start with a nice, warm shower or bath. Be sure that it’s not too hot though—this could raise your bodily temperature too high and make you feel worse! To your bath, or in the corner of your shower, add a few drops of Young Living’s RC Essential Oil. RC is a beautiful blend of Spruce, Cypress, and three different types of Eucalyptus essential oils. It’s scent is energetic and cleansing, which makes it a great way to unravel tight muscles or thoughts! The warm water of the shower will spread the scent throughout the room and allow it to linger the rest of the night. 

Once you have gotten out of the shower, apply our CBD Muscle Rub. It uses a wide array of essential oils and CBD oil to create a hot-and-cold sensation, perfect for unwinding a tired body. Apply it and massage into any particularly stubborn areas. Once it has been applied, gently stretch while listening to calming music. Stretching is a great way to center yourself back into your body and find the peace you need! 

Sugar and Spice 

If warmth is a comforting sensation for you, take it to the next level! Start by brewing your favorite warm drink. Coffee in the morning, or an herbal tea or hot chocolate if you’re unwinding before bed. Then, diffuse 6-8 drops of one of Young Living’s most popular essential oils—Thieves Oil! This spicy blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils is reminiscent of fall and coziness. 

Once you have your warm drink and the smell of Thieves Oil has enveloped your room, rub our Cinnamon CBD Oil blend on your shoulders, back and temples. It’s warming effects and CBD properties will help ease tension and comfort you. Then you’re ready to slip into your comfiest clothes and enjoy your favorite book or movie! 

Making the Most Out of Massage 

Massages are a great way to bring you comfort. Whether it’s with a partner or just by yourself, massages promote relaxation, blood flow, and provide physical touch. If you’re massaging solo, search up some tips and tricks! It might be a little harder to figure out at first, but it could be better in the long run. No one knows your own body better than you do. Self-massage is the best way to know how much pressure to use, what might need more attention, and what doesn’t need as much work. 

For the most beneficial massage possible, we recommend mixing our Citrus CBD Oil and Young Living’s Relaxation Massage Oil. The massage oil is a lovely mix of essential oils and vegetable oils that will allow your hands to easily glide over skin. Adding in the Citrus CBD Oil will not only provide the added benefits of CBD, it also adds in the bright citrus scent which can help energize and soothe you. 

Sweet Dreams 

Sometimes the best way we can find comfort is by having a good night’s sleep. There are a couple of things you can do to sleep better at night. You want to make sure that your room is cool, yet not freezing. Avoid using electronics at least one hour before bed. Instead, unwind by reading, writing, or meditating. We also suggest that you remove as many distractions as possible. This means keeping work out of your bedroom, turning off lights, and doing all you can to quiet your mind. 

When you turn off your devices to unwind, we recommend taking SleepEssence, a powerful combination of essential oils in softgel form. This product has been designed to promote restful sleep and is a great addition to your nightly routine! Once you’ve taken that, use the Calm CBD Roll-On by rolling it on your wrists. In addition to containing CBD, it’s scent promotes a relaxing and calming environment, It can greatly improve how you unwind or meditate and make you feel more comforted when it’s time to finally close your eyes! 

When life gets a bit hard to handle, there’s no shame in taking some time to yourself. Remember, you should be your first priority! For more of our favorite product combinations, stay tuned to our blog! For more information on Nature’s Ultra, click here.