Why You Should Have Your CBD Tested By a Third Party

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has gained popularity in recent years but there can be confusion about choosing good products. Third party testing can take much of the guesswork out of the equation for you and help you fully understand what ingredients are actually found in the CBD products you buy. At Nature’s Ultra, we want to be transparent with you, which is why we give you full access to our CBD lab results. 

Why Testing CBD is Important

While the World Health Organization states that CBD has “a good safety profile” and doesn’t pose any dependence or abuse issues, it is still a good idea to have CBD products tested. Why? These three reasons:

  1. Quality: Hemp is a plant that absorbs toxins and pollutants found in the soil. As CBD is a hemp product, it is possible that there may be toxins and other particles in the CBD you buy. Testing helps to ensure those contaminated particles are not in the final CBD product. The CBD lab results are a form of quality control and assurance.
  2. Accuracy and Potency: In 2017, a study discovered that nearly 70% of CBD products sold online had inaccurate label information. Many products contained more or less THC and CBD than reported on their labels. The Food and Drug Administration has found similar issues with many of these products.
  3. Safety: To make sure the CBD products you purchase are within federally legal guidelines and actually contain the ingredients they claim to, it’s important to have them tested by a third party even if a company has in-house testing. This provides unbiased CBD lab results and ensures you are using products with legal and helpful ingredients from reputable, trustworthy companies.

What We Test For

We deliver comprehensive third party lab results from Green Scientific Labs, Florida’s largest ISO 17025 accredited cannabis testing laboratory. That way, you have a transparent and accurate report of the safety measures put into place to ensure your CBD products are safe. You will find a QR code on your bottle that can link you to the lab results of your batch. There you will find the results on the following four items we check for in our testing:

  1. Potency (CBD and THC levels): One of the most important parts of CBD lab results and testing to check for is the level of CBD and THC. Why? THC isn’t legal in many states. In fact, under federal law, legal CBD products can only contain a maximum of 0.3% THC.
  2. Heavy metals: No one wants to put heavy metals into their body, but you’d be surprised how many CBD products actually contain these contaminants. We test to make sure that there are absolutely no heavy metals so you can rest easy knowing you are taking something safe.
  3. Solvents: We test all of our products to make sure there are no solvents in them. Harsh chemicals are a common extraction method for many companies but we use a proprietary extraction method that avoids these chemicals. 
  4. Pesticides: We’re proud to say that we grow and harvest our hemp plants naturally and without any pesticides. However, we still put our products through pesticide testing to prove it to you with the CBD lab results

What to Look for When You Purchase CBD

There are many companies that sell CBD products.  Choosing one can be a confusing process for consumers. There are certain indicators that can help you choose reputable brands and safe products. The first of which is a certificate of analysis, also known as a COA, which is accessed via the QR code.

This COA provides you with the purity and potency results from testing. 

If a company or product does not have a COA to show the CBD lab results then caution should be exercised. For your safety you should only use CBD products that clearly and honestly disclose both what is and what isn't in their products, verified by third party testing. 

Demand the Best

You deserve to have quality products and feel secure in the lab results you are provided with. Third party testing for CBD products is essential. You can check out the different premium CBD products we offer at Nature’s Ultra and verify the quality of these products with our CBD testing results.


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