Why Nature’s Ultra Has Some of the Best Manufacturing Processes

At Nature’s Ultra, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best CBD oils in the marketplace. We focus on quality in every single step of the process, from the moment the hemp seed is planted to the moment the bottle of the final product is sealed. That’s why we’re Young Living Seed to Seal® certified!

Our commitment to quality has led us to develop world-class processes to create our products. In our last blog post, we talked about why we developed some of the best farming practices in the industry. Today, we’re going to talk about why our manufacturing processes are also among the best!

Why We Use MCT Oil

Our CBD oil products are our very own Smart Spectrum combination of CBD oil, Young Living essential oils, and MCT oil as a carrier oil. We’ve covered carrier oils in a previous blog article, but let’s go through it again in case you missed it! Carrier oils are oils that are used to dilute other oils so you can use them safely. For example, essential oils are extremely potent, and if you apply them directly to your skin, they can cause redness, irritation, or even burning. A carrier oil dilutes them to the point that they’re still effective, but are safe to use on your skin. 

At Nature’s Ultra, we use MCT oil as our carrier oil. MCT oil is, as its name implies, an oil that contains high concentrations of MCT. MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides, which are fats that are typically found in foods such as coconut oil. 

We chose MCT oil because compared to long-chain triglycerides, MCTs are broken down and absorbed into your body more rapidly. They can then be used as an energy source or turned into ketones. These ketones can provide an alternative source of energy for your brain, which typically uses glucose for its energy source. These benefits make MCT oil the perfect carrier oil for our CBD!

Why We Use Glass Bottles

Let’s talk about our packaging. There’s a reason we chose to use glass bottles for our products! 

As you probably know by now, our CBD oils are combined with world-class essential oils from Young Living. Essential oils are potent, and when they’re stored in plastic bottles, they can cause damage or deterioration. That can then contaminate the oil itself. Glass bottles, on the other hand, are non-reactive in nature and will not harm the oils they hold. That’s why at Nature’s Ultra, we bottle all of our CBD oils in glass bottles!

Why We Use Black Bottles

Now you know why we use glass bottles. But it’s not just the material that matters. Believe it or not, the color of the bottle also makes a difference! You see, light can harm our CBD oil products by causing oxidation. This in turn denatures the make up of our oils, rendering them less effective. We put our products in black bottles to protect them from light and ensure that when you order our products, they’re as potent and high-quality as possible. 

Why We Use Droppers

Anything that touches our products was carefully selected to ensure that it’s both safe and effective, and the droppers that you use for our products are no exception. We use graduated droppers made out of glass for the same reason we use glass bottles: glass is non-reactive and will not cause any harm to the oils. Our droppers have a poly-urethane tip, and they are marked clearly so you can measure the amount of CBD oil that you’d like to use!

Why Child Lock Caps

We’ve covered the material of our bottles and the droppers we use. Now let’s talk about the caps! Any time products are intended for adult use, it’s essential to ensure that they’re capped in a way that will prevent children from consuming them on their own. FDA and DEA regulations require the use of child lock caps, and we’re dedicated to complying with those regulations. We’re also continually looking for alternative packaging that is compliant with FDA and DEA regulations and manageable for you, as well.


CBD products are still relatively new, and the legal landscape that surrounds them changes quickly and regularly. We work hard to stay abreast of the ever-changing marketplace to ensure that everything we do is compliant with FDA regulations, including what we put on our labels.

Our labels are pre-FDA-approved before we place them on the bottles. As FDA regulations change, our labels do, as well. That’s why you may notice that some of our labeling may occasionally say different things. You can rest assured that the product inside contains our pure, potent CBD and essential oils from Young Living! 

Testing In Manufacturing Facilities

At Nature’s Ultra, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products possible. That means creating CBD oils that are pure, potent, and contain 0.0% THC, which is the intoxicating compound from the cannabis plant that causes euphoric side effects. That’s why we developed our rigorous quality assurance system! We test multiple times throughout the manufacturing processes to ensure that our products contain no pesticides, heavy metals, or harsh chemicals. The result is high-quality CBD oils that are as pure as possible.

We want you to feel completely confident about the products you’re using, so we provide you with our lab results. Just visit our product verification page here, select the batch number that matches the one on the bottom of the bottle of your product, and read through the results!

Fulfillment Centers

Now that you can order Nature's Ultra through Young Living, you can rely on their fulfillment centers to deliver your products quickly. And as an added bonus you can add the product to your monthly autoship to earn points that can be redeemed for free product.

Now that you know that we focus on quality in every single aspect of our products, you can feel confident that the products you order are the best in the industry. Click here to go through our product page, select the ones that align with your lifestyle, and get ready to enjoy our Fast-N-Free shipping!


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