Why Nature’s Ultra Has Some of the Best Farming Practices

At Nature’s Ultra, everything we do is designed to provide you with CBD products that will truly make an impact on your life. We know that to create the best CBD oil, you need to use the best hemp farming practices. That’s why we have a partner farm in Colorado to cultivate unique, world class hemp to use in all of our products.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why our hemp farming practices are some of the best in the industry!

Seed Research

Nature’s Ultra’s cultivation processes are Young Living Seed to Seal® certified, which means we’re dedicated to quality from the moment we plant the seed to the moment we seal the bottle of the final product. That’s why at Nature’s Ultra, we have our own agronomist on staff to work with seed development!

Agronomy is the study of agriculture from an integrated and holistic perspective. It looks at everything from the properties of the soil to the nutrients the crop needs to the ways in which the farming practices impact the environment. Our agronomist is constantly working to increase CBD yield every time our hemp is harvested. This allows us to consistently improve our crops and ensure that the seeds we use are of the best possible quality.


Of course, the type of seed that we plant also matters! There are a few different types of hemp, including sativa and indica plants. Our hemp is a sativa, which offers high-producing seeds and plant. This allows us to maximize our harvests and provide our incredible CBD oil products to as many people as possible.

Soil Testing

Cultivating the highest-quality hemp isn’t just about the plant itself. The soil quality is also essential! According to Dr. Call, our Chief Science Officer, “Hemp is a well-known phytoremediator, which means it takes in all of the contaminants and toxins found in the soil.” That means anything harmful in the soil can infiltrate the hemp plant and the final CBD products themselves. 

To avoid any contamination of our hemp plants, we test the soil to ensure that there aren’t any harmful compounds that our hemp plants can absorb. We also rotate our crops to promote soil quality. And because we’re committed to creating high-quality products, we never use pesticides or harsh chemicals that could be absorbed by the plants. 

We also go above and beyond to test our final products. Our rigorous quality assurance system ensures that the final product is pure, potent, and contains no contaminants. We want you to be completely confident in the products that you use, so we’re transparent about our test results. You can even find the lab results for your specific batch of product here!

Water Testing

Once we’ve selected the perfect seeds and ensured that we’re using the perfect soil, we also want to use the best possible water. That’s why we test our water to ensure that it’s of great quality. We also work hard to pull the water from wells or springs nearby. This gives us the confidence of knowing that we’re giving our hemp the water it needs to grow from high-quality, sustainable sources.

Hemp Testing

Our commitment to quality when it comes to our hemp doesn’t stop once the plants are harvested. A core sample of our harvest is taken and tested to ensure that we’re providing our customers with the best possible product. And we don’t just give it our own stamp of approval. We use third party testing so we know it’s been approved by objective experts! 

Certified Organic Handling

To ensure that both the farm and the facilities are aligned with our dedication to excellence, we’ve worked hard to become certified as organic handlers. In addition to our partner farm using organic practices, we’re ISO (manufacture of CBD distillate and isolate from industrial hemp) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified. 

As we mentioned in an earlier paragraph, we’re also Young Living Seed to Seal approved. That means we meet the three pillars of their commitment to quality: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and has an unmatched commitment to quality, and we hold ourselves to that same standard when it comes to our CBD. And because we use Young Living essential oils in our products, you can rest easy knowing you’re using the very best.

Hemp Industries Association

We believe that surrounding ourselves with positive influences in our industry is essential for maintaining the quality of our products as we continue to grow. That’s why Nature’s Ultra is proud to be part of the Hemp Industries Association, which was founded in 1994 and is dedicated to education, industry development, and the expansion of hemp supply throughout the world. We’re also looking forward to joining more accredited organizations in the future.

Regenerative Agriculture

At Nature’s Ultra, we believe in regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming practices that is sustainable, enhances biodiversity, and enriches soil rather than depleting it. It also offers increased crop yields and provides higher quality plants. Our dedication to regenerative agriculture is not just good for you as a consumer, but for the environment as a whole.

And finally, we want to point out that there are a lot of ways to grow hemp. Some companies grow their hemp in warehouses. Some hemp is grown indoors hydroponically. At Nature’s Ultra, we use the sun. And when you use our CBD oils, you’ll know the difference!

At Nature’s Ultra, we take a lot of pride in providing our customers with world class CBD oils. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to ensure that we have some of the best hemp farming practices in the industry. You can learn more about the farm here. Then head over to our product page and place your order so you can experience the benefits for yourself!


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