What You Need to Know When Adding CBD Beauty Boost to Your Daily Routine

Recently, we announced a new product that we couldn’t be more excited about. Introducing our CBD Beauty Boost! This product is the perfect addition to your skin care routine. Let’s take a look at CBD Beauty Boost and everything it can do for you. Keep reading to check it out.  

Introduction to Beauty Boost

Our CBD Beauty Boost was created to be the perfect addition to your beauty and skin care routine. On top of our high-quality CBD oil, we’ve added a few other oils to maximize the benefits of this product.

The first oil we’ve added is Young Living’s Rose essential oil. This oil provides a luxurious, floral scent. It’s also great for moisturizing your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and beautifying your skin. And, because it’s a Young Living essential oil, you can be sure that best practices are used from seal to bottle.

Tamanu oil has a long history of traditional use. Native to Polynesia and South Asia, Tamanu oil helps calm and soothe skin, improves the appearance of skin, and contains antioxidants to promote overall wellness.

Grapeseed oil is often used in many beauty products for its wonderful properties. When wine is made, oil is extracted and usually discarded from the grapes it is made from. But, this amazing oil isn’t garbage! Grapeseed oil is full of omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s a great source of vitamin E, improves the appearance of your skin, doesn’t clog pores, and absorbs easily, making it perfect for people with oily and dry skin alike.

With all of these amazing ingredients, along with the benefits that come from our CBD oil, we know that you’ll love this new product as much as we do.

Recommendations for Use

If you haven’t applied an oil as part of your beauty routine before, you may not know how to use it. A lot of people are scared to use oils on their skin, as rumors say they can clog pores, leave your skin feeling oily, and cause acne. But, this isn’t true—as long as you’re using the correct oil. Here are some of our favorite tips for using the CBD Beauty Boost. 

First of all, we always recommend starting with a clean face. When your face is clean, it makes it easier for your skin to absorb the products you add to it. And, it will help prevent dirt and irritants from getting deeper into your skin.  

When it comes to washing your face, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right kind of product. Skin care isn’t one size fits all! We recommend first figuring out what skin type you have. This will determine what kind of face wash to get. Then, once you’ve figured it out, try to use it regularly. Most experts recommend washing your face one or two times a day. 

Once your skin is clean, add one to two drops of CBD Beauty Boost to your palms. Spread it between them, then gently apply to your face in circular motions. Because it contains grapeseed oil, it will absorb quickly, nourishing your skin without the residue. If you find that it has a hard time sinking in, try to softly massage your skin. This will help it absorb more of the product. Once it has settled in, you can apply a thin layer of moisturizer. This will help boost the effects of the CBD Beauty Boost, while also locking it onto your skin.

The great thing about CBD Beauty Boost, is that it can be used all over your body. The best way to apply it to the rest of your body is by adding it to your favorite lotion. If you want to increase the effectiveness and strength of an entire bottle of lotion, add a full dropper or two. Mix it well, then use it anytime your skin is feeling extra dry.

If your hands and feet are rough, dry, and cracking, we’ve got a great solution. Add a few drops of CBD Beauty Boost to the affected area, and rub it in. You want to make sure that there is some excess, so apply it generously. Once it’s on, put on a pair of gloves or socks. Let it sit for a few hours, preferably overnight, then wash off any product that didn’t fully absorb. You’ll be amazed at how soft your skin feels!

Using it in Your Daily Routine

Just like any product, the benefits of the CBD Beauty Boost will be more noticeable if you use it regularly. That’s why we recommend incorporating it into your daily routine. We’ve put together some ideas on using this amazing new product as part of your everyday life. 

If you like to keep a bottle of hand cream or lotion on your desk at work, add a few drops of CBD Beauty Boost in. We recommend using unscented lotion, that way you can enjoy the nice scent of Rose essential oil throughout your work day. When you’re using your hands a lot, you might need some extra help to keep them moisturized and healthy. That’s why adding in our CBD Beauty Boost to your regular moisturizer is so useful.

It can be hard to relax after long days. If you find yourself having a difficult time unwinding at night, you might want to add a mini facial massage to your nightly routine. Once your face has been washed and dried, add a few drops of CBD Beauty Boost to your fingertips. Warm the oil, then pat it onto your face. Rub in circular motions, paying careful attention to any places with more tension or wrinkles. Try not to drag your fingers, as this can cause more damage to your skin. You can even lightly tap with your fingers, as if you were playing the piano. A facial massage is the perfect way to treat yourself, while also incorporating the great benefits of CBD into your daily routine.  

After showering and exfoliating your skin is a great time to take advantage of the benefits of our CBD Beauty Boost. Add your favorite lotion to your hands, then add a few drops of the product. Incorporate them together, then smooth them into your skin. The lotion and CBD Beauty Boost combined will help your skin look and feel amazing, while also providing moisture, antioxidants, and more!


We can’t wait to see how you incorporate this amazing product into your daily routine. For more tips on how to make CBD part of your everyday life, stay tuned to our blog. For more information on Nature’s Ultra, click here.